Playing CDs

If your computer has a CD drive installed, theBeat can play your CDs.


Playing music from a CD is only supported on Linux platforms at this time.

Viewing CD Information#

Any CDs detected by theBeat appear under the Other Sources view. Select a CD to get started.

When you insert a CD, theBeat queries the MusicBrainz Database to obtain information about the currently inserted CD.

Playing a CD#

Select a track from the CD to add it to the queue and play it. Alternatively, select Enqueue All to add all the tracks to the queue.

The Header#

The Header shows the tracks on the CD, followed by some actions.

  • Enqueue All
    Adds the entire playlist to the play queue
  • Import
    Begins the process of importing the tracks on the CD into your music library.
  • Eject
    Ejects the CD.