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Version: 3.0

Playing CDs

If your computer has a CD drive installed, theBeat can play your CDs.


Playing music from a CD is only supported on Linux platforms at this time.

Viewing CD Information

Any CDs detected by theBeat appear under the Other Sources view. Select a CD to get started.

When you insert a CD, theBeat queries the MusicBrainz Database to obtain information about the currently inserted CD.

Playing a CD

Select a track from the CD to add it to the queue and play it. Alternatively, select Enqueue All to add all the tracks to the queue.

The Header

The Header shows the tracks on the CD, followed by some actions.

  • Enqueue All
    Adds the entire playlist to the play queue
  • Import
    Begins the process of importing the tracks on the CD into your music library.
  • Eject
    Ejects the CD.