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Creating a blank Disk Image

Besides taking a Disk Image of an existing disk, you can also create blank disk images.


Blank Disk Images take up the allocated space on disk right from the get-go. They do not gradually expand until the maximum size of the Disk Image.

To create a blank Disk Image, select  Create Disk Image CTRLN from the menu. The Create Disk Image dialog will appear.

The dialog will ask you for some information about the blank disk image to be created.

  • Disk Image Size
    The size of the disk image that will be created. When you attach the Disk Image, this is the size of the disk that will be reported.
  • Output File
    The file to save the Disk Image as.
  • Attach this disk image
    If checked, the disk image will be attached after it has been created.

When you're ready, click  Create Disk Image to create the disk image. theFrisbee will create the disk image, and attach it if you have selected the option to do so.