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Cloning a remote repository

To open a repository that is hosted online, you will need to clone the repository. Cloning the repository makes a copy of the repository on your local computer, so that you can edit the files and perform version control operations.

To clone a repository, select the  Clone Repository option from the welcome screen, or select  Clone Repository F7 from the menu. On a Mac, go to File > Clone Repository

The Clone Repository dialog will appear.

Enter the clone URL and then click  Clone. theBranch will contact the repository to retrieve information about it.

If authentication is required by the remote, you will be asked for the appropriate credentials to complete the clone operation.

Once theBranch is satisfied that it can clone from the clone URL you specified, it will ask you for more information before the clone operation starts.

  • Checkout Branch
    The branch to checkout once the clone is complete.
  • Clone to
    The folder on your local computer to create a clone of the repository at. This must be an empty folder.

Once you've filled in the correct details, click  Clone to start the process of cloning the repository. theBranch will access the remote repository and start copying it onto your computer.

Once the repository has been cloned and is ready for use, theBranch will show the repository view.